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Jam Tracks - 41 backing tracks: rock/pop/blues

Jam Tracks Exotica - learn and play 10 exotic scales

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Jam Tracks and Jam Tracks Exotica are now available at the M.I. Players Supply Store in Hollywood.


Practice and instructional tools for learning guitarists and guitar instructors:


Enhanced CD's can be played as standard audio CD's, or used as software on a PC.  The discs provide a variety of high quality backing tracks for an inspiring way to practice.  Chord progressions and scale patterns can be printed out for easy reference.


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Jam Tracks is EXACTLY what I've been looking for!  I practice with it almost daily... I can find half a dozen types of exercises within just a single Jam Track.  Today I've ordered your second CD and look forward to trying out new modes and scales.  I was "this close" to spending several hundred dollars on some Zoom or Boss or Korg box, and the "learning curve" just to do what your Jam Tracks already does.  I'll put it in the CD player and loop a track for as long as I like.

Mitch Gittelman - via email


Just received my copy of Jam Tracks yesterday and it has not been out of my cd player. Absolutely amazing! The best practice tool in my arsenal bar none. I would recommend it to anyone and I will be telling all of my friends. Doing business with you was also a very pleasant and efficient experience.

Bill Dodgson - via email


I think you did agreat job with this CD. I have several of Riff Interactive's, TrueFire's, GuitarGuru, and GuitarPro... and yours is the coolest!

Steve Gurgevich - via email


This is just what I need to practice my solo's.  Good job, well put together with good sound quality.

Sandra Barnes - via email

Overall, I think the production is great and I am sure students will benefit from jamming with good sounding backing tracks.

Masaki Toraiwa

Musicians Institute Instructor


I really love it...The quality of the tracks is outstanding.  Excellent recording quality, nice tasteful parts and good sounding instruments.

Kirk Nebel

Owner and Guitar Instructor

Hollywood Academy of Music


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